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Many of you may be wondering why a computer that started out so fast and sleek could slow to a crawl in just a short time. The truth is, a computer doesn’t actually get any slower over its lifetime, it simply starts working harder, like a car that hasn’t had an oil change.

Viruses, spyware, malware, and registry errors may seem insignificant in small numbers, but once they start to add up they can really tax your computer system, which makes using your computer a chore. A few years ago, it may have seemed cheaper and easier just to purchase a new computer–it was probably time to upgrade anyway with all the new technology out there. But now a 5 year old computer can still serve most people quite well, and in this economy, none of us can afford unnecessary technology upgrades.

That’s where Waldroop Tech Support comes in. I can clean out, maintain, upgrade, or completely restore your computer, making it run just like the day you bought it–and even better, in most cases–for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Not only that, but I guarantee that I’ll match or beat the price of repair somewhere else. I don’t charge extra for on-site calls (or at least provide free pickup and delivery if I need to work on your computer in my shop). I almost always have a faster turn-around time, which means you get your computer back faster. And if I can’t fix the problem, then you won’t pay a dime.

Don’t believe me? Just call 803-230-0282 or 704-323-5656 for a free estimate. And unlike one of those huge technology chains that offer geeky services in their retail store, my job is to actually serve you, not sell you unneeded “services” and new hardware. If you do need additional hardware, I’ll be happy to consult with you to find the best price for it, no matter where that is.

So whether you have a desktop or laptop that just needs some cleaning, or you’re a small business that can’t hire a full time IT guy, or you just want a consultation about which direction to head for your next technology purchase, call Waldroop Tech Support or email